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Elevate your event with one of James’s workshops and give your attendees an experience to remember.

Singing with other people is an engaging and meaningful offline experience. Many studies have shown that group singing improves the confidence of participants whilst breeding feeling of trust and community. This is pertinent for business/organisations who wish to find new and innovative ways to promote unity and wellbeing.

James’s workshops are fun, inclusive and joyful. No previous experience is required – within minutes, the attendees will be breathing, moving and singing together in harmony.

Participants will leave feeling empowered, energised and uplifted.

Recent talks and workshops have included Do Lectures, Creative Mornings, British Psychological Society, NHS, Alex Begg Co. & The One Off.

James can tailor his sessions to meet your requirements, ranging from short ten minute sessions to workshops lasting one hour, one day or more! Get in touch to discuss further

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Testimonies From Previous Workshops

‘I don’t think I have ever experienced a greater transformation’

Richard, Saatchi & Saatchi, UK

‘I loved every moment’

Justine, Business Coach, NYC
‘Thanks to James, people found the confidence to sing their hearts out’
Jane, Do Lectures attendee, UK